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Signaling Monitoring Solutions
Time:2013-06-21    Source:Shuwei Communication    Author:Shuwei Communication    Visit:3146

Wireless communication network has entered a refined network analyzing era; therefore, it is necessary for the operator to analyze and process the network signal to improve their business operation efficiency. Signal monitoring platform is an important support system for the operation and maintenance of the communication network and can identify various network and business indicators without affecting the normal operation of the network. To achieve signal monitoring, the communication data among various network elements (MSC/MGW/GGSN/SGSN…) of the core network shall be completely replicated, aggregated and distributed, so as to help the signal monitoring solution restore and analyze the protocol of the signal data.


NetTAP High Density Network/Aggregation TAP (NT-iMXTAP-16G) is a high-density TAP device setting such functions as inline link acquisition, link flow aggregation and replication in one and flow seamless acquisition/output device specially developed to monitor the communication operator’s signal. The device can monitor over 4 gigabit Ethernet port data and can be deployed among MSC/MGW/SGSN/GGSN to collect signal data among network elements. This TAP device can support single and two-way flow SFParating/aggregation output, single and two-way flow aggregation output of multiple links, Split-flow output of links after aggregation, as well as inline network TAP deployment or multi-links aggregation deployment. Therefore, it can meet the monitoring demands of signal monitoring projects.
  NT-iMXTAP-16G is powered by a dual redundant power source and is completely designed as per the reliability of carrier-class device. The device is equipped with 12 10/100/1,000M self-adaption electrical port Ethernet and 4 SFP slots capable of supporting gigabit optical and electrical flow output (1,000 BASE-T/1,000BASE-LX/1,000BASE-SX).
  NT-iMXTAP-16G adopts the unique Ethernet BYPASS technology and has Link-SafeSwitch features. Under gigabit Ethernet inline deployment, the device’s BYPASS switch can achieve smooth communication, thus the status of links among the original network elements will not change.

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